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Exotic pets are gateways to wacky and sometimes dangerous hijinks.

If your furry friend could feasibly be seen dismembering gazelles on a nature show, you can probably bank on having an unusual tale or two to tell.

As he said at her memorial service, “You have to forgive the camel, he loved her very much.” In January 2002, Ronald Huff’s coworkers and relatives began placing worried calls to the cops.

The 42-year-old Martin Oldsmobile employee had complained of feeling unwell to his grandmother one Sunday and had to miss a day of work.

But it appears that goats weren’t the sole target of the camel’s horizontal aggression.

According to police, the camel left telltale signs of having tramped and rolled on Weaver’s body.

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He had constructed cages to hold his scaly friends, which ranged between 1–2 meters (3–6 ft) in length.

The place was decked out with cushions and aquariums for the lizards’ comfort.

The incensed 35-year-old was in no mood to have the press buzzing about his father’s home, perhaps because John Pilotti Sr.

had nakedly perched himself on the front porch earlier that night.

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