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and it sounds very feminine and I thought it would balance out Iggy being so masculine." because of—wait for it—a whoopee cushion.

She said, "If you get a little gassy, you've got to let it go.

We all know Stevie Wonder is an icon, but there’s a good chance he might not have had the same level of success had he kept his real name: Stevland Judkins.

Others, as you’ll see, are pretty self-explanatory.

"After I danced for him he said, 'You look like Electra.

That should be your name.'" in it," he once told Oprah Winfrey. Then people said, 'Did you change your name because you don't want to be Jewish? That's not what it's about.'" Who: Bruno Mars Real Name: Peter Gene Hernandez The "24K Magic" pop star has an amazing mixing pot of a heritage.

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