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Little did I know that fate had something else up its sleeve, and had we not just had this discussion and been so very horny, with the added relief and euphoria for her that I hadnt got mad, the following event would undoubtedly not have happened.

Part 2 They called last orders at the pub, wed stayed in there all night and the subject had changed but the atmosphere was different.

Hed told her she still looked great in a dressing gown with wet hair, and shed slapped him playfully and laughed saying YOU could have had me but you didnt want me, and Im with someone else now apparently hed replied I can still have you anytime I want, Lou, as well you know. She told me that was it then; she knew it was wrong to give in to him but hed set her off the minute she had reciprocated the kiss, his hands were all over her, opening her dressing gown in full view of the kitchen window and fingering her clit while he did so.

Anyway, this wasnt the end of my evenings excitement.

I said to her Im surprised that in all the time wed been going out you and he hadnt ended up shagging, given that you used to now and then. You can tell me you know, you know Im not likely to go berserk and get all jealous.

You should tell me, seeing as weve split up anyway She did no more than to pause for a long time, look at me and say, There was once, months ago when we ended up having it off at my house, when you were away on that training week. Despite my liberal outlook, I do remember getting that sickly, heavy feeling in the pit of my stomach, one of complete dread at finding out youd been deceived.

Some bloke who I hadnt noticed who had also been in the pub all night drinking with mates, had clearly noticed Louises tits and her great smile as wed been laughing and joking.

Id had my back to him so hadnt seen him, but before they closed the pub Id got up and gone up to the toilet.

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