Reggie bush dating kim kardashian impersonator

He said Benjy is one of those guys that he can love or hate. He said he thinks there are people who would like it. Sal suggested taking a Frosty from Wendy's and throwing that on the guy's window.

He said he gives him an A for effort but what irritated him was Ralph calling in and giving his two cents. Jon said he must agree that there are people who do interviews better than others. am After the break Jon took a call from a guy who said they were talking about road rage yesterday. Jon asked Sal if he has ever done anything like that. He talked to Benjy more about his interview with Beth. Lisa said she didn't think she learned anything new.

Howard said if Jimmy is at dinner and people are bugging him then he gets it. Howard said he saw the game and he was enjoying that. Howard said he's watching the game with one eye and watching Taylor Swift with the other. Howard said she had a 197 IQ before this happened and now it's what? He said he thinks she's going to be talking to the NY Times this afternoon. Howard said that his wife is going to be signing her book (Yoda: The Story of a Cat and His Kittens) tonight at Bookends in Ridgewood, NJ tonight at 7. Howard said Yoda went and took a dump and the doody got stuck in his fur. Howard said he was trying to get the doody out and the cat was angry and yelling at him. Howard said that he used about 20 baby wipes and he still didn't get all the doody. Howard said that Joy Behar is going to be coming in today. Jon said he thinks Howard thought about what he had said and then realized it was a love connection of some kind. He said she had huge tits and Cosell said ''What a set of tits on that one.'' Scott said he was very not friendly when he would come in to record stuff live. Jon took a call from a guy who said that he has to congratulate Gary for the shows this year. Gary said they have more great guests coming up this year. Jon took another call from a guy who asked how many times Jon Stewart said ''Yeah, yeah, yeah...'' Gary said he didn't notice it until someone told him about it on Twitter.

He said if you're going to a book signing then you sign the book. Howard said coming in at number 5 with Bang, Bang is Steven Hawking. He said Taylor and Amanda were bonding and talking to one another. Robin said Taylor does have a lot of show business friends. She said that Cosby vomited when he went down on her. Howard said every dime of the proceeds will go to North Shore Animal League. Howard said he's going to talk to her about The View. Robin said it sounded like someone was ripping his ass off. Howard took a call from Jeff the Drunk or Jeff the Bore as Robin reminded him. He said some of them thought it was a paid connection but Shuli confirmed it wasn't. It was someone willing to do a favor for someone in need. Jon said he thinks that Jon was excited about the conversation he was having.

Howard said he begged the guy to come on the show to sell some books but he didn't want to come on. Howard said he bets the kids like Royal Bloods would tongue kiss their fans. Howard said if he was a young dude and single he'd try for that. He said they have a special coming up and he's going to play some tunes and songs off the new album and things like that. He had Graham performing ''Teach Your Children'' in that clip. Howard played a song parody that came in about Robin. Howard played a clip of a President Obama impersonator talking about doing the mangina trick with his dick and balls. Howard played a song parody about Jeff and his name change. Jeff said that Steve Miller was awesome last night. Jon asked Gary if he can see Howard letting it go and saying he's just done with radio.

He said he'd go there and no one would talk to him there. He said he was going where all of the club kids went. Howard said you're supposed to keep it quiet when you do something like that but he thinks it's fine with this guy. He said this guy who is talking about killing bin Laden is a hero. Howard said this guy dropped in on Osama and put a bullet in his head. He said he's going to have a tough run against this JK Simmons. Howard said JK plays the teacher and he's a hard ass. Wendy said she was and she faked a cry that sounded more like a cough. Then Howard played a clip of a Morgan Freeman impersonator giving directions on how to fuck yourself in your own ass. Howard said Robin pointed out that President Obama dressed up like the Chinese when he was over there last week. He said he thinks Howard is going to let the legend live and just go off into the background like Carson. Jon said Howard talks about how angry he is all the time.

Howard said he was watching the news all week and Kim Kardashian's ass was all over the news. Howard said he saw the movie ''Whiplash'' and he loved it. Howard said it's like Full Metal Jacket with music. Howard asked if she got out of the house eventually. JD came in and asked if Howard wanted to see the visual of the guy fucking himself in the ass. Howard said he doesn't dress up like Fred when he's at his house. He said he wonders if it will go away once he stops doing radio. Jon asked Scott if he thinks that when he retires he'll let go of some of that anger.

Howard said that it's the same move that other women have claimed he's done to them. Cosby is sitting in the studio refusing to speak this morning. Howard asked Wendy about how much she weighs and she said last time she weighed herself she was 281 pounds. Howard said he took her behind the Pizza Hut to go dumpster diving. Howard said if you want to see the best looking women in New York then go see that play. Jon said he thinks that he'll keep doing it because he wants to live a long life. JD said he does but only when he sees pictures that people put out there. He mentioned one thing about Ronnie celebrating 29 years at the show. He said they thought they would be honored by that.

Howard said he'd claim that he was going to mentor her but then he'd allegedly get them drunk and then they'd lose consciousness. He asked him some questions and said he was just shaking his head ''no.'' Howard said this is really weird and awkward. Howard asked her more questions about the Cosby thing and Wendy was making up stuff about beating him in bowling and things like that. Howard asked if Wendy went to Pizza Hut with Cosby. Howard said Bradley doesn't use any make up or anything. Howard said he went to see him after the show and it was great to see him. Gary said he thinks that he can treat himself to a couple of things. Gary said everyone does take pictures and shares them on the internet. Gary said when JD goes to an event then he knows people are going to photograph him. Scott said he's been wearing casual clothes all his life. Jon asked if they were going to dress up like AC/DC in school kids. The caller said he saw them with Def Leppard years ago and their lead singers both stopped singing about halfway through the concert. Jon said Brian Johnson still has the pipes and he's able to go the whole night. Jon took a call from a guy who asked about how Howard becomes a sports guy when he has someone like Al Michaels in there.

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