Rik makarem and sian reese williams dating

He followed her home to apologise, and they began to kiss.Deciding to take their time, they spent the night in a room at the B&B.Douglas was annoyed by Terry's suggestions and felt shut out.Emmerdale Explorers was a success, but in March 2009, Natasha's young son Will was upset when she refused to let him go on an Explorers overnight campout.When she saw Gennie involved in a noisy street protest, she asked Gennie to go home with her. Brenda returned in July 2008 and was concerned by the way Gennie had changed.Eager for Gennie to find employment, Brenda lent her some money - thinking it was for hair dressing materials - but Gennie spent it on a hot tub instead.Brenda, Bob and Terry decided to spend Christmas together with their children.Unfortunately soon after, Terry received a letter from TJ's grandmother and his ex, Jean, asking if TJ would like to visit her in Morocco.

By spring 2008, Gennie had tracked down her birth father and was involved in a serious accident upon her arrival in Emmerdale.

When Terry returned, Brenda had gone with friend Douglas Potts (Duncan Preston) to the Wylde family's party at Home Farm.

Terry crashed the party and explained to Brenda, who was happy to have him back.

When Bob realised what was happening, he decided to fix her up with Terry.

Brenda was reluctant, but to convince Gennie that she had no feelings for Bob, she kissed Terry during the bonfire night celebrations.

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