Scientific liquidating mn

The course may include a brief introduction to subject matter and/or personal jurisdiction.

This course will introduce students to the United States Constitution and to the role of courts in interpreting it.

Students will develop skills in framing and responding to con- stitutional arguments and in evaluating the role of courts in making policy through constitutional decisions.

This course will examine the fundamental principles governing the enforcement of promises in the legal system.

The writing/oral argument part of the course will build on the analysis, organization, and writing skills developed in Lawyering Skills I, with a focus on ethical advocacy.

Prerequisite: LAWS 640 Lawyers need a basic familiarity with various business structures and organizations, funding mechanisms, and financial structures.

Whether working with or for law firms, government agencies, non-profit organizations, or corporations, lawyers will encounter financial statements, structural and organizational questions, and questions of strategy.

The class also specifically addresses how to improve one’s understanding and ability to work with people from different cultural contexts.

Lawyers are viewed as problem-solvers, and as leaders in society, and this class introduces a framework of ethical leadership and helps set a trajectory for continued growth.

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