Sex chat with natural bot

Using the power of natural language processing and Intellogo’s cognitive platform we’re inventing new, more productive ways of doing search.

Fetch is a search and recommendation bot running on Slack.

Chatbots have had varied success simulating real conversation.

It appears the chatbots will first come to SMS and later to chat messengers like Whats App and We Chat.

Since Fetch is powered by Intellogo’s cognitive platform it understands concepts like “analytical”, “liberal point of view” and “persuasive” — things which cannot be captured by keywords.

So instead of pulling up a travel booking site and choosing the various options from check lists and calendars, you can have an almost-natural conversation with a bot to find a flight or get some travel inspiration. "We are really focused on this, because we think this is the precursor to voice," Skyscanner's B2B director Filip Filipov told Mashable, adding that the company has already worked with Amazon to bring some of its search capabilities to Alexa.

Then, if one of those options (or maybe Tulum) is calling your name, type that, and you'll be asked when you want to go and when you want to return.

Since the bot can't understand context, it has to make sure the requests are clear.

For example, the return date needs to be an actual date and not a number of days in the future.

"'Hey, I want to fly out this Friday,' the bot will understand this," said Filipov. Even though you probably meant Monday, you're going to need to be more specific.

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