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That’s right guys, Naked Speed Dating is finally in London.It’s time for you to strip off and reveal your truth to a room full of potential sex partners.During World War II, storage bunkers were built on the Battersea Rise side of the common; two mounds remain.Clapham Common was the venue for one of the earliest known cricket events when a "series of ten-a-side matches" was held there on Monday, 1 April 1700.

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Samuel Pepys, the diarist, died at Hewer's house in 1703.The common was converted to parkland under the terms of the Metropolitan Commons Act in 1878.As London expanded in the 19th century, Clapham was absorbed into the capital, with most of the remaining palatial or agricultural estates replaced with terraced housing by the early 1900s.Holy Trinity Clapham, an 18th-century Georgian church overlooking the park, is important in the history of the evangelical Clapham Sect.Half of the park is within the London Borough of Wandsworth, and the other half is within the London Borough of Lambeth.The participants were all "gentlemen" though "others" could attend as spectators.Classification of the event is uncertain, though it must presumably be viewed as a minor event given the limited social status of the participants, the relatively low stakes (£10 and £20 are mentioned in the newspaper report) and the ten-a-side teams.In 2014, residents of the Clapham Common ward elected 3 Conservative Councillors.This was the first time the Conservatives had taken control of the Clapham Common ward since the 1960s.Clapham Common is in the Clapham Common electoral ward.In 2010, residents of the Clapham Common ward elected two Conservative Councillors & one Lib Dem Councillor.

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