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We were just writing songs that were interesting and then thought, ‘OK, let’s transfer this to brass band and see what we can get.'” The eight-piece band on tour with Byrne and Clark also plays an important role in the look of the show, which has them performing movements designed by choreographer Annie-B Parson, a frequent Byrne collaborator, onstage as the songs unfold.“I think that having the horn players move and be such a part of it gives the whole show a shape and a drama,” Clark says of the physical aspects of the performance.Gather round, then, as Byrne and Clark reveal the secrets of a successful art-rock team-up, swish parties at the French Ambassador’s residence, and being “allergic to cymbals”...Words: Peter Shapiro ___________________ St Vincent releases her self-titled fourth album on Monday (February 24) – here, from the Uncut archives (October 2012, Take 185), is a reminder of Annie Clark’s last project – Love This Giant, created with David Byrne.After the tour wraps later this month, Clark says, she’ll probably take only a little time off before starting work on her next St.Vincent album and heading back out on the road with that.We’ll close with an anecdote about where the 30-year-old first remembers hearing a song by Byrne and the Talking Heads.“My earliest memory was watching a movie called ‘Revenge of the Nerds,’ which came out in 1984 and was a staple in my house,” Clark says. And there’s a great scene where one of the oafish frat boys throws a fireball and burns down the frat house.

“Learning how different instruments can speak, what their tonal ranges are.Getting to this point, though, while creatively invigorating, was never a sure thing, she says.“I think neither of us knew where it was going to end up,” Clark says.“But the fact is that it kind of works, that there was this natural evolution.It was, ‘OK, we’ve got six songs, that’s a little more than for an EP, we might as well put a record out.’ And once we put the record out, we might as well tour.” Working together made sense to both musicians from the start, Clark says.“And we make good collaborators because we tend to not be just operating from a place of ego all the time.We tend to be reasonable and there’s a very nice give and take.” The first song they wrote together was “Who,” which also ended up the first song on the album and the first single, and it set a course for how their long-distance songwriting would continue to go.And who knows – she says this experience has been so good that she’d be open to working more with Byrne in the future.We started this piece by mentioning when and where Clark first met Byrne.“If three years ago someone had said, ‘OK, this is what you’re going to do: You’re going to start writing an entire album, you’re going to put it out, and right after you tour your more most recent (St.Vincent) album you’re going to go and tour this,’ I might have been a little spooked.

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