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It becomes a bad quality because Virgo/ Gemini rising is always ready to judge.

A Virgo/Gemini rising, asks a lot of questions when they meet a person for the first time.When conflicts develop, their natural instinct is to dig their head in the sand.Conflict brings the emotional drama out in the open and they don't want to deal with it.This Virgo sign still relates to others in a cerebral way.Aries rising makes Virgo a go getter, taking ideas into action quickly.Even so, with the Taurus rising you'll have a pragmatic side that should help you smooth things over.If you're involved with a Virgo/ Taurus rising, you should know that they're sensitive. What's peculiar about the Virgo/Taurus rising's thin skin is, they think nothing of criticizing or being cruel to you, even if it hurts your feelings.To them that's different, they're only helping you, to correct you. Mercury rules information, organizing, arrangement and channels of communication.No matter how alike these Star signs may seem, they have fundamental differences in how they express themselves and this brings inner struggles.The funny thing is, while a Virgo/Virgo rising would enjoy taking time to deal with detailed, mundane things over and over, Virgo/Aries rising will be impatient with such things.Nonetheless, Virgo/Aries rising needs to curb their impatience or they'll suffer needless mistakes in their relationships.

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