The best cities in the u s for dating

Oregon has a comprehensive domestic partnership law and protections for LGBT workers.

Portland residents lean to the left and you're likely to find two women holding hands, pushing a baby stroller or out for drinks in any neighborhood of the city. Whether you're a young, political dyke or gender queer or a six-figure power lesbian, San Francisco can't be beaten.

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With one of the nation's best domestic partnership rulings and child protection laws, San Francisco is also a great place to raise a family.​ More » The largest city in the world is a mecca for lesbians.

Several events like the Waterfront Blues Festival and the Oregon Brewers Festival take place at the park annually.

Cacophony/Wikimedia Commons/Creative Commons 2.5 If Northampton is Lesbianville of the East, Portland is Lesbianville of the West.

Baltimore’s ratio of unmarried women to unmarried men is the second-highest on this list, just behind New York’s.

The city also scores better than average in walkability and affordability. Then you’ll love many of the restaurants in this port city.

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