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The thing that inspired me to write it was the fact that the characters had such open personalities yet there wasn't much known as to what their pasts were.The fact that it takes place in the near-future also helped me keep a very good idea of what the technology and fashions were like, as well as moral principles.Yes, we all need some moral support when we give up potato chips and corn chips.But wouldn’t you rather have an omelet for breakfast, and then not have to snack at all?Besides, shopping for food is quick and easy when the only places you have to go are the meat counter, the produce bins, the dairy refrigerator, and the spice rack.If you get to here, you’re doing great—and you’re already far healthier than you were on the SAD (Standard American Diet) even if you haven’t lost any weight. Most likely you are sleeping better now that you’re regularly putting forth physical effort.However, you’re probably already noticing an increase in energy, a decrease in post-meal fatigue, and a lessened desire to snack. The cravings will dissipate, but the benefits won’t.

Most importantly, now that you’re no longer eating huge plates of sugar (‘carbohydrates’) and greasy seed oils, you’ll find that big, hearty meals don’t make you fall asleep.

And we didn’t get fatty meat just by scavenging, because the lions, tigers, wolves, giant hyenas and saber–toothed cats got to it first.

We got it by being the most effective predators on Earth.

(But odds are good that you have.) You’re also probably noticing, over time, that you’re happier and less depressed, that your skin problems and allergies are less severe (or gone entirely), and that you sunburn less easily. You’re thinking of the world as your playground, and you’re seeing familiar surroundings with new eyes.

And now that your symptoms of withdrawal from the SAD (Standard American Diet) are over, you’re feeling more energetic—and thinking more clearly due to the action of ghrelin, now that being hungry doesn’t just make you cranky and hypoglycemic.

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  1. The ending of season three's finale, in which Marissa dies suddenly and brutally in Ryan's arms, was successfully kept under wraps despite all the rumors that were flying about an impending death…until Barton herself went on and confirmed that the rumors were true. My character has been through so, so much and there's really nothing more left for her to do.