Top ten dating mistakes

Then, the value and the impact of your compliments will diminish and your kind words become meaningless.

Remember, a compliment has impact and value when it is well deserved because then it communicates to the recipient of that compliment that whatever good things you have to say about someone are not meaningless flattery out of desire to be liked and accepted but your sincere opinion.

To do well on your first date, you must be INTERESTING to the woman you are out with.

Nodding at every single thing she and repeating “oh, yes, exactly, totally, I completely agree” is a sure way to bore a woman to death.

From there, you should go somewhere together (such as a walk in the park) where you could stand / sit close to each other and have opportunity to “accidentally” bump into each other and casually, lightly and innocently touch each other on arms / shoulders, etc…

In the absence of those cues, your date will turn into a stiff experience that neither you nor your date will want to repeat.

Why does talking about your / hers dating life is such a turn-off and puts you straight into a friend zone? If she brings it up, give a very general vague response and switch the topic.

Flirting means being playful, teasing each other, and being sarcastic.

Make sure you become aware and well familiar with the following points, so that you don’t make the same mistakes and make the most out of your first date with the women you meet.

This is one of the most common and deadly first date mistakes that both sexes are guilty of on a first date.

Banter is where sexual attraction and romantic interest begin and grow from.

And if a woman can’t handle this kind of interaction, she must not be smart enough and interesting enough for you to enjoy your company and you are better off finding that out as early as possible, so that both of you don’t waste your time with each other.

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