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I am just glad that GOD is my judge and not other christians.My husband works full time, we run a small side business AND pastor's a church.We sent everyone a letter in the church and asked them to stand with us during this time of transition but they didnt.Now after 5 years of being a Non- denominations church with no support from anyone we have about 10 people left and they are not leaders.Thank GOD for having someplace to share thoughts and meet others in the ministry.Prayer Chain 8/2/2005 I am thankful that I found this sight and my heart goes out to all of you!We have served faithfully for many years at churches around the area and when we left to serve at another we would always leave in good standings.

But I have not reached that I am still hurt by all that has happen.The purpose of this page is to support and encourage pastor's wives. Page 1 Lezza 8/1/2005 I can not believe I have FINALLY found a site where I can relate to OTHER preacher's wives out there.If you are a pastor's wife and have a question, helpful suggestion, or response to another question or suggestion, please fill out the form and click submit. My husband pastor's a growing church in a fast growing community.The stylist had heard of a revival in Florida and the more she talked about it, the louder she got. All because I asked the Lord to go with me and let me have some fun!She even stopped cutting my hair every so often and would wave her arms as she talked. Hated by his family 8/2/2005 My husbands family is extremely controlling and opinionated.When the stylist called me over to her chair I noticed three scriptures on the wall - I had been there before and they weren't there - so I told her I liked them and the conversation started.Before I knew it we were talking and laughing and praising the Lord to the amazement of all the other women in the back of the shop who kept peeping out the door at us.We are determined though because we both know that we are called to serve and we both know we have heard from the Lord. Even as I am writing this letter I am in tears so I know this hurt must be deep and it needs to be healed.Also my husband stepped out in faith 3 years ago to Pastor He left his secular job and God has been faithful to provide, but now the money is getting lower and lower. Kate 8/9/2005 I am a PW and have felt the lonliness, emptiness, etc. One thing I have found is that once you confront the bullies, they back off.I know all the scriptures like trust in the Lord or when God is with you who can be against you , the gates of hell will not prevail against you.We do not have anyone to speak to this about we have prayed and ask God to send us someone.

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