Updating a sql table from excel

There is also a video available showing how you can use SQL Spreads to create an Excel document that updates the data from Excel to SQL Server.I have an sql database and I am able to connect with excel spreadsheet. Sub Button Click() 'TRUSTED CONNECTION On Error Go To err H Dim con As New ADODB. Recordset Dim str Path As String Dim int Import Row As Integer Dim str First Name, str Last Name As String Dim server, username, password, table, database As String With Sheets("Sheet1") server = . Command Type = ad Cmd Text 'Create the SQL str SQL = "UPDATE TBL SET JOIN_DT = '2013-01-22' WHERE EMPID = 2" 'Pass the SQL to the Command object cmd. Active Connection = con 'delete all records first if checkbox checked If . Execute "delete from tbl_demo" End If 'set first row with records to import 'you could also just loop thru a range if you want. Close Set con = Nothing End With Exit Sub err H: Msg Box Err. Open End If 'this is the TRUSTED connection string Set rs. Execute "insert into tbl_demo (firstname, lastname) values ('" & str First Name & "', '" & str Last Name & "')" int Import Row = int Import Row 1 Loop Msg Box "Done importing", vb Information con.

ITEMNMBR = '' it works on onmy sandbox but fails on production where I have all enabled to run for this query.

Users are authenticated using their Windows Login and can only work with the Excel documents for which they are authorized.

In SQL Spreads, data is automatically validated when users enter their figures and data from other Microsoft Excel documents can be pasted directly into the SQL Server connected document, but only if the data is valid.

Quit() #connect to SQL Server and import the table $SQLServer Connection = "Data Source=$server Name; Integrated Security=true; Initial Catalog=$database Name;" $bulk Copy = new-object ("Data. Can someone please advise if there is a way using the above code that can complete this as an update?

I thought I would be able to get around this by enforcing a unique key, so that it would not import the records that already exist, but instead it just errors out during its bulkcopy stage.

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