Updating datbase

The Spot Database Display shows a subset of all Spot Database Entries ; the number of QSOs in this subset is displayed in the main window's title bar.

Specifying this subset is referred to as Filtering the Spot Database.

The most important of these controls is the Spot Database Display - a grid that displays several Spot Database entries.

When a spot arrives, Spot Collector DXClusters running DX Spider software can be configured to append the spotting station's Maidenhead gridsquare to each spot.

DXKeeper can properly decode spots with appended gridsquares, and will record such gridsquares in the Spot Database's Origin Grid field.

A Color codes panel summarizing these font colors is displayed to the right of the Main window's Filter panel if window width permits; double-clicking the phrase Color codes directs Spot Collector to display the Configuration window's Spot Database Display tab.

Spot Database entries that would give you a duplicate QSO -- i.e.

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