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Our motion systems let you feel all the thrills, excitement and adrenaline of a real-life racing event by putting your body in the driver’s seat.

Take the wheel of an F1 car and feel every turn, twist and straightaway as if you were there!echo "--------------------------------------------------------------" echo "Checkout oldmake registred" echo "--------------------------------------------------------------" cvs -z3 -d "[email protected]:/cvs/tuxbox" co -r oldmake -P cdk/oldmake.files cvs -z3 -d "[email protected]:/cvs/tuxbox" co -r oldmake `cat cdk/oldmake.files` echo "removing not needed files..." echo "--------------------------------------------------------------" rm -rfv cdk/make rm -fv cdk/root/etc/init.d/rc S.m4 rm -fv apps/tuxbox/plugins/pluginx/pluginx.c rm -fv boot/u-boot-config/u-boot.dbox2.h.m4 rm -fv boot/u-boot-config/u-boot.dbox2.2_6.h.m4 (To create a cramfs-image instead of a squashfs-image as shown in this example, simply replace "squashfs" with "cramfs" ) the following command will auto create all possible image versions as there are enigma and neutrino in 1x and 2x flavour: make $HOME/dbox2/cdkflash/.flash-roneutrinoroot (flash read only neutrino root) Now is the time to add your changes (did i hear "emu"?CCcam-2.3.0 geshrinkt Change Log --read for details-- 2.3.0 -add seca tunneled nagra card support (may need card reset to see new revision after updating) -add SID LIMIT (see for details) -several smartcard fixes -several network fixes Test it! Open ELEC provides a complete media center software suite that comes with a pre-configured version of Kodi and third-party addons with retro video game console emulators and DVR plugins.Open ELEC is an extremely small and very fast-booting Linux based distribution, primarily designed to boot from flash memory card such as Compact Flash or a solid-state drive, similar to that of the XBMCbuntu (formerly XBMC Live) distribution but specifically targeted to a minimum set-top box hardware setup based on an ARM So Cs or Intel x86 processor and graphics.We design and manufacture cutting-edge motion systems intended for the entertainment and industrial markets.To create an exceptionally engaging experience, we carefully craft the most realistic, subtle and precise motion vibrations and patterns.Note: Visitors from certain countries might see in-text advertising(underlind words in posts) or pop-under ads.It is only shown to unregistered visitors or members that haven't made any posts. Open ELEC (short for Open Embedded Linux Entertainment Center) is a Linux distribution designed for home theater PCs and based on the Kodi (formerly XBMC) media player.Open ELEC applies the "just enough operating system" principle.

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