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Most people go down to their local home improvement store and buy a cheaply made gas powered machine. It is a tough as a tank, slices like a surgeon, and looks like a Ferrari.

My kids tried it, my girlfriend loved it- shouted "easy!!!

Very sincerely, I recently ordered a roller for my Tru Cut mower. King, I received my mower today, shipping was prompt and I'm very pleased with the quality.

I could not ask for better service, using Pay Pal, the part was delivered in 2 days and your confirmations. I purchased this mower for my parents who are in their early eighties and they tried it out and loved how easy it was to push.

", and I laughed at my winnings because I took a chance and won when I was told that buying one of these would be a complete waste of money. PS-Marjorie was really cool and was able to be available for all my questions.

This is a solid piece of steel equipment that you will have for a lifetime. Please use this for a review-10/10, A , 100% AWESOME MOWER!!!!!

I am 60 years old with balance problems; and was able to push the mower easily through my lawn for the first mow..the lawn was more than six inches tall.

Mowing will be a breeze now that the lawn is down to a reasonable height.

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I was told I was CRAZY for getting a piece of equipment such as this.

I've been wanting to buy a reel mower for a couple of years now, but only recently have I really been researching them. Sincerely, Jim in South Carolina Hi Margie, My mower arrived this morning.

Thanks to your website reelmowersetc, the decision was a no-brainer. I have assembled it and had a practice run..love it! Jennifer Keast Margie, I just received my mower yesterday, already mowed the front garden, it works like a dream.

I wish I had found this mower 3 years ago when I established my new lawn.

It is the only mower I've found that will properly cut bent grass. This mower is the BEST one by far; it comes razor sharp and is strong enough to plow through the thickest turf.

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