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This service would be expanded to reach more residents and additional unserved towns would be served.On behalf of its partners, Region Two School of Applied Technology is requesting funds to expand computing facilities at 17 sites throughout the state of Maine. Slide the CD/DVD drive to the left to disconnect it from the motherboard. Move the brown clip about 2 millimeters in the direction shown by two arrows. On the picture below the connector is shown in the unlocked position. The goal of this project is to enhance educational services for adult community members at regional vocational and technical schools by expanding access to broadband.

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On the opposite side of the motherboard you can access the processor (CPU) when the heat sink is removed.Increased access will provide vital opportunities to develop computer skills critical to economic success.The Eastern NE Fiber-to-the-Premise Exchange Network Upgrades project will replace and upgrade the legacy copper networks serving the Meadow Grove, Walthill, Macy, Rosalie and Winnebago exchanges.This plan adds a parallel 150Mbps Ethernet backbone, bridging service providers' fiber Edge networks as gateways for last mile broadband providers serving rural, remote, unserved and underserved areas.The Broward County Library Wired for Success program will provide increased access to broadband technology by increasing the number of public computers, expanding the number of computer literacy classes and enhancing E-Government assistance available in Broward's vulnerable communities.Federal funding is requested to procure, install, and use HD videoconferencing equipment within the LAN at each premise.When complete, all 105 counties in Kansas will benefit from expanded access to economic development resources, distance education programs, telehealth and e-government services.The upgraded exchange networks will utilize a GPON (gigabit passive optic network) design with the capability to deliver broadband applications at throughput rates that significantly exceed 20 Mbps.Oklahoma Western Telephone Company, an incumbent local exchange carrier in rural Southeastern Oklahoma, proposes to upgrade its existing network in order to provide affordable broadband service to customers in its entire service territory.The Arkansas Telehealth Oversight & Management Network will improve access to and quality of broadband in healthcare, research, and education delivery at 402 community anchor institutions, comprising every acute care hospital, health department clinic, and center on aging and most community health centers, mental health clinics, universities, public libraries, and home health efforts in Arkansas. (CNSP), proposes to deploy a shovel-ready, sustainable, licensed microwave Middle Mile to Wi MAX wireless broadband Last Mile network to provide broadband services in a service area comprised of 6 counties, 5 Indian Reservations, and 7 pueblos (tribal lands) in north central New Mexico covering Congressional Districts 1,2,3.Kan-ed will scale up high definition videoconferencing facilities in 90 public libraries in Kansas.

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