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shows how such traditional ways of thinking and doing are of benefit in the modern Western world.Beatrice Walditch mostly explores the ancestors of England, although also shows how similar ideas and concepts are found elsewhere in Britain and beyond.This understanding of how the world works is in complete contrast to Christian concepts and the various successors – including supposedly secular science as well as modern paganism.Seeing the world as ever-emergent provides a clearer understanding of divination and enchantment as they were practised in northern Europe before Christianity.These books will challenge you to recoergnise the traditional magic still alive in modern society, and empower you with a variety of skills and insights.

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The final sections of the book explain how to make amulets and 'charge' them so that they act as personal guardians.

By looking at the linguistic and iconographical evidence for these worldviews he shows that there is a surprising continuity from the pre-Christian era until about the tenth century.

This viewpoint provides a new way of thinking about both early Christianity in Britain and the religion which it – to some extent – superseded.

Beatrice Walditch uses the prehistoric henge and stone circles at Avebury as her main examples, but wants you to explore and 'listen' to sacred sites near to where you live.

This is the first book in the Living in a Magical World series.

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