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To add the new load to the first bus in the network.Therefore, the developed model will simulate the new load at each available bus bar in the network and generate three analytical reports for each case that captures the over/under voltage and the loading elements among the grid.

The research has used qualitative content analysis technique in which the existing literature (secondary data) on women and Emirati women entrepreneurship was gathered and discussed to serve the purpose of the research, such as from other published researches, internet searches and books.The CA grouping of the borehole parameters showed similar trend with PFA hence validating the efficiency of chemometric data mining techniques in grouping of variations in the borehole characteristics in the geological zone of the study area. The infrared analysis proved that the ligands are bidentate and thus coordinated to the Zn (II) ion through their azomethine nitrogen atom and the oxygen atom of the carbonyl / carboxylate ion (COO-).From the UV analysis, a four coordinate tetrahedral structure was proposed for the complexes. D ABSTRACT: The study examined the effect of membership of cooperative societies on the economic activities of farmers as well as the determinants of their income in rural Nigeria, focusing on Anambra State.All listed papers are published after full consent of respective author or co-author(s).For any discussion on research subject or research matter, the reader should directly contact to undersigned authors.The study shows that G.711 and G729 codecs in a simulation gives a significant result for the performance of Vo IP that codec G711 and G.729A has acceptable throughput and less deviation of received to transmit packet as compared to GSM and G.723 also average delay like end to end delay and Voice jitter is lesser in codec G711 and G.729 as compared to the other two referenced codecs. However, beef recorded the lower values than in camel meat as (4.60 and 5.11) respectively.Connective tissue strength values were highly significant (P Bernice Victoria, Dr.The evaluation is done using the OPNET Modeler, which provides a convenient and easy-to-use platform for simulating large scale networks and this also give a power to go through different levels of designing a network even with the ability to program the mechanism you want which is used here to implement two types of AQM mechanism which is not included by default in the OPNET and these two mechanisms are ARED and GRED. Daoud Alzubair Ahmed Abstract: The study aimed to evaluate the quality attributes of fresh camel meat and beef.The performance metrics used in the study are jitter, throughput and delay. The result showed that hunter lightness (L) values were highly significant (P 0.05) different among the two types of meat studied.Microstructural changes in duplex stainless steel due to changes in annealing temperature are characterized by ultrasonic pulse echo technique and optical microscopy.Type 2205 duplex stainless steel are heat treated at 1000 deg C, 1050 deg C, 1100 deg C, 1150 deg C and 1200 deg C for 15 min and water quenched.

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