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I've been thinking about my future and what the next move is in terms of what I need to do.I think it would be pretty stupid to try and redo [Teenage Dream] that had all of this success.Maybe it's time to do something that's different that can't be compared.

"Not that I'm going to self-sabotage either and be like, 'I'm going to make a crazy record that nobody really understands.'" That fall, she later told Billboard about her plans for the album, saying she already envisioned several aspects of it.

Perry also viewed a video made by Eckhart Tolle, which discusses loss.

She commented: "When you lose something, all your foundations crumble—but that also leaves a big hole that's open for something great to come through." After feeling prepared to record again, she reunited with her team from Teenage Dream—Dr.

Luke, Bonnie Mc Kee, and Cirkut—in Perry's hometown of Santa Barbara, California, where they spent a month recording at Playback Recording Studio among others.

After those sessions, she went to Stockholm, where she worked with Scandinavian record producer Max Martin, to do what Perry called "put[ting] the ice on the cake".

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