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We feel what Mr Khan and Mr Oberoi are doing is very ungentlemanly.

Its unchivalrous to talk about any lady who has moved on to a new phase in her life.

Dont get frightened in difficult times and dont be overconfident or brash in good times - Maine yehi sikha hai ki jo bhi karna hai dilse karo, sabki suno khud ki karo, bure waqt pe ghabrana nahi aur acche waqt pe paglana nahin. Why bring her name up unnecessarily and that too in contexts that have long lost their validity?

Vivek said on a talk show on Sunday that he had held the infamous press conference against Salman to please Aishwarya.

What happens to Prashanth Kanaujia after he fires the lethal gunshot?

Will Arvind Vashisth leave Mumbai Mavericks to join Handa’s team?Aishwaryas friend refuses to buy that reason and says, Agreed that the questions are provocative but the person being asked isnt being forced to reply.He could easily choose not to discuss such ugly topics in public.Farhan Akhtar of Excel Media & Entertainment shared his excitement over the deal, “We are both excited and proud to officially confirm the second season of Amazon Original Inside Edge. ” Riteish Sidhwanialso added, “We have had a successful collaboration with Amazon Prime Video starting with Amazon’s first Original Inside Edge which was hugely successful.We are excited on the commencement of Season 2 of Inside Edge and are looking forward to our collaboration yet again with Amazon in bringing the next season to Prime Video.” Amazon Prime Video’s Vijay Subramaniam remarked, “We are thrilled to announce an all-new season of Amazon’s first Indian Prime Original Inside Edge.At the moment, Aishwarya is working on two of her most difficult and challenging roles in Raavana and Guzaarish.The last thing she needs is rude distractions from the past.Vivek came out in the open about his ill famous press conference in which he had accused Salman Khan of threatening him because the latter was in love with Aishwarya Rai at that time.He reveals the situation that led to it, his feelings at the infamous prèss conference, the famous 41 missed calls, the backlash he received and how he overnight became an outcast in the industry in which he had just seen success and hailed as the talent to watch out for!This ex-boyfriend of Aishwarya not only lost friends but lost out on work also. When Farah questioned whether Aishwarya appreciated this act, Vivek replied, No! Yesterday, Vivek said on a talk show that he held the infamous press conference against Salman Khan to please Aishwarya when they were a couple.Its not the first time that her ex-flame has spoken about her openly.

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