What can radiometric dating reveal points 1

One of the most important factors controlling the nature of sediments deposited today is continental drift.

This follows from the fact that the continents are distributed at different latitudes, and latitudinal position affects the temperature of oceanic waters along continental margins (the combined area…

Therefore, iron-bearing minerals formed or deposited at low latitudes will be nearly parallel to Earth’s surface, while those at high latitudes will dip steeply.

Only by understanding the regional geologic and tectonic history of an area can the location and timing of rifting events, subduction activity, continental collision, and other major plate tectonic events be determined.

The two major paleogeographic features are the continents and the ocean basins.

The past positions of the continents can be determined by using six major lines of evidence: paleomagnetism, linear magnetic anomalies, hot-spot tracks, paleobiogeography, paleoclimatology, and geologic and tectonic history.

By measuring the remanent magnetic field often preserved in rocks containing iron-bearing minerals, paleomagnetic analysis can determine whether a rock was magnetized near one of Earth’s poles or near the Equator.

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