White girls that like asian guys dating site

     The many examples of famous AM/WF couples (Mr/Mrs Yo-Yo Ma, Ming Tsai, Scott Oki, Charles Wang etc), don't really help, merely reinforcing the common presumption that the AM must be wealthy and able to provide an exceptional degree of financial security, material comfort or social status. My opinion is that the WF in a WF/AM relationship tends to embody traditionl (stereotypical) AF qualities: she is demure, sensitive, obedient.

Another common suspicion is that he must be unusually charming, cultured or sexually gifted. My opinion also is that the typical (the image portrayed most by the media) WF who is a fiercely independent, loud, and strong willed woman does not usually tend to fall in relationships with AMs.

Then there's the old standby -- that the woman must have some odd fixation on Asian men or Asian culture. Her attributes meld better with the typical "frat boy" WM who also possesses such attributes.

     Of course intellectually we know better. And compared to Asian women, White women have more leeway to experience relationships with men of different races.

I am a proud man of a proud race; Koreans won't take it lightly if they feel they are slighted in the smallest way.

I've gotten into lots of fights as a kid, but I always got respect because of that at the cost of a few cuts and bruises (and it was worth it too).

This actually deludes white girls into thinking that they are quasi-goddesses! So be warned -- if you're a white woman and if you have a stuck up attitude, it may be inadvertantly be construed as racist snobby behavior. I'll be rooting for him, although I probably won't ever see the show.

tvaddict, Well, I agree it would be nice to see this guy marry that girl, but if he doens't -- big effin' deal. I would rather be out at school, bars or coffeeshops picking up a sexy girl. Hi Observer, I'll give you my thoughts on your questions.

No, white men are not perfect, but neither are asian men.

Just because I am white, and am part of the racial majority of this country, doesn't mean that I am the boss in my relationship. He was attracted to me, asked me out, I said yes and the rest is happy history.

If we ever did break up it might be mutual, or it might be due to dissatisfaction from either party. I am very interested in other cultures but not disgusted with my own. Yes I do like to be unique but that is not the reason why I chose to date my boyfriend- I like him for him. Yes, my boyfriend is very attractive and intelligent, and will probably be wealthy in the future.

By the way, I like that you don't beat around the bush and just lay your opinions on the line. It was funny when you said "The WF is accepting of the AM because she thinks he may not be as boorish and arrogant as the typical "frat boy" WM (he is a nice guy)." This totally struck a chord with me!

There are some great white men, but I personally can't stand the frat boy type that only cares about drinking beer and picking up girls.

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