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You know that ex left skid marks after one of Bobby's drunken "fuck you"'s. The captain has gone from giving him some slack to openly finding him annoying. I could fall in love with a straight guy like that. I feel bad, everytime I hear him call himself "dumb." He doesn't seem to think very highly of himself, poor guy. Also, when Kenny's drunk friend dropped his shorts and exposed his dick to everyone, I noticed that he went to bed with another guy in his bedroom. And, this week, she complimented him on his attitude. Hannah IS that girl who is always hanging and kissing on everyone. Resting bitch face on the other Below Deck series at least looks like she knows what she's doing. He seems to think that Lauren would have fallen in love with him if Hannah hadn't cock blocked it. I would love to watch Kate and her "Chief Stew" it together. It could have been a bit set-up and scripted, especially with Hanner running behind Prince Charming and sneaking in before he closes the door. also his eyes are blood shot so sure he is drinking or drugs on the ship while he is cooking, he should be gone. she is confident yet has extreme compassion for others. No wonder Hanner created the fantasy of running away with the hunky Primary, even if the relationship went nowhere.

I'm always amazed by people like this on reality shows who are such stupid famewhores they don't understand or even care how badly they come across. I'm really shocked that everyone thinks that Malia is so hot. The most embarrassing scene this season is the one where the former cheerleader chickie was telling Chef Ben (via Face Time/Skype) she missed him, three times, without his returning the sentiment! That said, there seems to be a drag in the story line, right now. i heard she does anal with charter guests As for Adam, why are girls so dumb, she picked the psycho. he will be taking a large gun on the next trip and executing everyone at see over onions Captain Sandy was a surprise guest on WWHL last night. totally dissed her by not extending her hand to greet the Captain. If CAPT Sandy knew everything going on that ship she would make them all walk the plank and start over with a new batch of crew. She comes onboard as 2nd Steward and right off she didn't support Hanner, her boss, when that slimy chef starts insulting her. Bugs is pretty creepy but Bobby laughing at his own jokes really bugs.

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First a bunch of used up porn stars on Naked News or whatever - they were all gross. But Scott threw some serious shade at Jennifer Love Hewitt which made me like him even more. the rest of the crew and cast should really be on guard of Adam. the stuff he does and says, and then last night he joked about burning the ship? and now we have rejection from the hottie girl, they are all doomed. How many more episodes of this ship wreck are left to go? My friend told me what she paid and I have no reason to think she was just making it up. Their personal interaction was barely mentioned on the episode. His face is pretty, but the rest of him is just a hot mess. I would hit it if he was even bisexual, but he seems hopelessly straight. I think Wez picks Malina to be chief deckhand over Bobby and Max which will give Bobby a good op to go all psycho again. he is dangerous and would think nothing of killing everyone at sea if he had the chance. she cries around all day about how she just cares so much about people but she is a little shit stirrer going around the boat stirring up shit. if that description of Adam turns you on then you DESERVE TO DIE Bobby would totally get on anyones nerves, he would always be like "well, well, why didnt you ...chose me? When Bugs, Wizz, and Malia were spying on Bobby and Lauren with the crew dining area cameras, they actually showed an exact date of "5-10-16" as the time stamp, so I guess that very cold day was May 10, 2016.

The only ones who should get screen time are the ones who want to fight and fuck. It's one thing to feature nudity from porn stars like the Naked News lady but it's totally skeevy when we get to see what appears to be surveillance footage (I realize it isn't) of the cast getting dressed and undressed. Miles better than Southern Charm or that Oklahoma show. Her charter was a pretty mild episode, though, so maybe they ask some charter guests to spice it up (she doesn't drink so that might have been a factor). Most of those that go on are there to promote themselves or their businesses. So, the hunky charter guest intimated that he and Hannah only got 2 hours sleep?

The captains have too much at stake to risk looking irresponsible on TV. Not a very interesting bunch but I do love the captain and the way she deals with these goons. Her only complaint was that she was stuck on the boat and wanted to get off and explore. Capt S told Wiz to choose/nominate a Chief Deck Hand which means Wiz is losing his position which means Capt S discovered that Wiz has been making out with his subordinate Mahlia which is prohibited. So this sets up potential lunacy for Bobby should Wiz choose Max. Did anyone catch a glimpse of Hanner's cheap lace red thong sticking out of her pants? Lauren seems to be the only sane one (so far) and she, wisely, stays in the laundry room and out of the drama most of the time. Agree that his being in Andy Cohen's audience in the "special chair" proves he's milking his 15 minutes, big time.

Bobby just can't grasp that girls (and guys) just aren't attracted to him. Captain Sandy was brought to the ICU where she had full reconstructive surgery on her foot and ankle, both of which had been completely crushed. Bugs shouldn't be complaining about Hanner taking a nap especially since Bugs volunteered to take more responsibility given that she's also been a Chief Stew.

He's decent looking but the personality is creepy and angry. "During each of the eight days I spent in the hospital, I just wanted to go home. And, yes, she should have back Hanner up in front of psycho chef. That is the only reason I can think of as to why she didn't shake her hand.

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