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This uses Command Manager class to provide command related utility methods used to register Command Binding and Input Binding objects for Commands. Model Classes; namespace WPF45_Commanding_Enable_Disable. The Name property is used for filtering the data from the Persons collection.This also helps to add or remove the commands and provides querying feature for the commands. The constructor gets the Person Collection from the data access class.So now that you have this implementation of ICommand, how do we hook it up to do something.

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If it returns false the button will be disabled on the interface. With a simple implementation of ICommand I can create the following: However this does not allow me to have a different logic to my Can Execute or Execute.

Usually this object will be your view model and may contain delegates for several instances of the ICommand implementation.

So here’s some code: I’ve called this class Delegate Command, though Relay Command is also a common name for it.

The predicate delegate represent the method which defines criteria for the execution.

The Can Execute Changed event is used to raise the Command event. The property ‘Name’ is used to bind with the Text Box in View.

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